Faster, smarter and accurate address suggestions for your websites, applications and more.


Faster, Smarter and accurate address autocomplete

Addresser autocomplete API provides quick and effortless checkout for Australian/New Zealand customers by allowing them to easily find and automatically fill in their address information with minimal input. The fuzzy address searching feature corrects spelling errors and typos, which increases customer experience and improves conversion rates. Our address validation service is cloud-based and frequently updated to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Addresser is developed and hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing highly available and scalable address solutions for small medium business, corporations and government organisations.

Verified Address Suggestions

Addresser REST API built on solid foundations of valid addresses from Australia/New Zealand Post and G-NAF (Geoscape) databases. Your suggestions will always be error free and accurate.

Fuzzy Matching

Addresser automatically corrects spelling mistakes to get proper matching to valid and verified addresses from our curated dataset.

Narrow your suggestions

Our API allows for filtering of address suggestions, be it focused on a particular state or exclusion of PO Boxes. We have it covered!

Single address line

The separate address fields can be consolidated into a single auto-complete field. As you type, matching addresses are shown in the dropdown list, making it simple to locate the required address.

The Addresser Advantage

      • Highly improved customer experience.
      • Use unique address identifiers from our database to easily match and de-duplicate your customers.
      • Highly standardized address data based on Australia/New Zealand Post specifications.
      • Augment your customer data with Australian Bureau of Statistics data such as meshblock etc.
      • Potential to maximise Australia/New Zealand Post bulk mail discounts.
      • Retrieve geographic information of the verified address.


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